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Motor Trade - Frequently Asked Questions

Different levels of cover:

Third Party Only -
Which is the minimum legal requirement and doesn′t cover you in case of fire or theft.

Third Party Fire and Theft Policy -
As above but also covers you in case of fire or theft.

Comprehensive -
Which has a much broader level of cover for you and other people′s vehicles; Insurers will require quite detailed information about the vehicles registered to you or in your care as part of your business, so check with them how this information is submitted and maintained - you want an easy to use and accessible system.

You should also check whether a policy covers Social, Domestic and Pleasure use too (referred to as SD&P by those in the know). If it does, that means you can use your vehicles for driving to and from work, for example, as well as in the course of operating your business.

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Motor Trade FAQs

1. Can I put my own car on this policy?
Yes you can

2. How many vehicles can I have on my policy?
Most of the companies we use donīt have a limit

3. What age of driver do you cover?
Age 24 to 73

4. Can I have business use for my main occupation?
Yes for a small additional premium

5. How many drivers can I put on the policy?
We have some companies that can insure up to 6 drivers!

6. What type of vehicles can I drive?
Whatever your need we have a company that can cater for it

7. Do I have to tell you every time I get a new car in?
You can inform us by phone or email but any vehicle you keep over 7 days we should be made aware of

8. Do you offer instalments?
We can offer the price over 10 months with competitive rates

9. How quickly can I be covered?
With a card payment we can cover you instantly and even email you documentation

10. What is the maximum vehicle value level of indemnity?
£50000 is our maximum

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